National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week

mentalhealthNational Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week

5/1/16 thru 5/7/16

With the spotlight shining on the critical need for mental health care reform in our country, we must also educate the nation about children’s mental health and promote comprehensive, grass-root efforts to eradicate scrutiny, discrimination and repercussions that deter our children, youth and families in need of care from seeking consistent help.

Our goal is to keep mental health a part of national dialogue 365 days a year. Plans are underway as we develop interactive online and in-print awareness materials that will debunk myths and expose the often unspoken stigmas that plague our families, bringing mental health out of the shadows and into our everyday conversations to improve the health of our nation.

Join us in wearing a green ribbon during Children’s Mental Health Week to spread awareness to the needs of children and youth with emotional, behavioral, and social disabilities and their families across America.

Contact your legislators to let them know that “Children’s Mental Health Matters.” It’s now more important than ever to get the message out!

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