Kwame Rich and Roddrick Stokes were both born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. As childhood friends, they met in 1976 as participants in the local neighborhood recreational baseball league. Each went on to graduate from college where Mr. Rich studied Psychology and Mr. Stokes studied Criminal Justice.

       Shortly after graduating they were reunited as new hires of a new and innovative community service program that targeted the most difficult to serve Baltimore City Youth. It was there that they met and became protégés of Ross Ford and Janette Gregory, two well known clinical social workers around the country who championed the Enriched Structural Family Therapy model. This particular model focuses on establishing relationships with the consumer and family and building on their strengths. This model resonated with them, so much so that they became certified trainers and still utilize this model to this day.

       On July 8,1994, they ventured out and founded their own community service organization. From very humble beginnings with an office in a friends basement and one client to serve between them, they’ve gone on to establish a premiere human service organization that today has over 200 full-time employees between Maryland and Georgia.

       Mr. Rich manages the day-to-day operations in Georgia and Mr. Stokes the same for Maryland. Today, as it was in 1994, Mr. Rich and Mr. Stokes have a passion for serving families and helping them learn to make better decisions to overcome problems and improve their lives. Moreover, their joy is teaching others how to become change agents in the live of at-risk youth and families. They can often be quoted saying , “Be the Change that You Want!” They truly believe that if you “change your thinking, you can change your life” and be On The Path.